Birla Temple

Shri Ram Janaki Birla Temple is a newly made temple. It is located opposite to the Ayodhya Bus stop on the way of Ayodhya-Faizabad. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and Devi Sita.

Photo Gallery

  • Lord Ram-Sita Birla Temple
  • Lord Ram-Sita Birla Temple in Afternoon
  • Lord Ram-Sita Birla Temple in Evening

How to Reach:

By Air

Lucknow International Airport is the nearest Airport which is 152 Kms from Faizabad. Faizabad is about 158 Kms from Gorakhpur Airport, 172 Kms from Allahabad Airport and 224 Kms from Varanasi Airport.

By Train

Faizabad and Ayodhya are major railway stations of the district and are well connected to almost all major cities and towns. By Rail route Faizabad is 128 kms. from Lucknow, 171 kms. from Gorakhpur, 157 kms. from Allahabad and 196 kms from Varanasi. By Rail route Ayodhya is 135 kms. from Lucknow, 164 kms. from Gorakhpur, 164 kms. from Allahabad and 189 kms from Varanasi.

By Road

Services of Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation buses are available 24 hours a day, and it is very easy to reach here from all places. By Road Faizabad is 152 kms from Lucknow, 158 kms from Gorakhpur, 172 kms from Allahabad and 224 kms from Varanasi. By Road Ayodhya is 172 kms from Lucknow, 138 kms from Gorakhpur, 192 kms from Allahabad and 244 kms from Varanasi.