Ayodhya is a city in Uttar Pradesh which is located on the left bank of the Ghaghara River. The nawabi culture of the city has given Ayodhya an identity of its own. There are many tourists attractions in Ayodhya and these attractions should be on the tourists must visit list while on a Tour to Ayodhya. The Tourist attraction of Ayodhya comprises of old historical buildings, the museums, the temples, the gardens that adds to the beauty of the city.

A major Tourist attraction in Ayodhya which should not be missed while on a Tour to Uttar Pradesh is the city of Ayodhya. The rich heritage of the country and the rich lineage of the city as a king’s city is evident from the beautiful architecture that are an inseparable part of the buildings of Ayodhya. The city draws attention of pilgrims and heritage lovers from all over the world as it opens the traveller to a world of mythological and spiritual wonders. Ayodhya is a fusion of sanctity, religion, traditions, history and architecture which offers varied experiences from historical to religious.

Ayodhya’s lineage as a ruler’s city started from the time when it was made the capital city by the Nawabs of Awadh. On the other hand, Ayodhya boasts of holding the prestigious history as being the birth place of Lord Rama. Ayodhya stands as an ethnic city which has remained important to the people of all caste and creed.