Culture & Heritage

Cultural heritage of the district originates in the past from the kingdom of Suryavanshis. In the lineage of Suryavanshi Kshatriyas, King Raghu was a glittering character after whom the Suryavansh became popular as Raghuvansh. In the third generation of king Raghu birth of Shri Rama took place, whose image is still alive in the heart of all Hindus as God. The period of the Ramayana was, perhaps the most glorious period in the history of ancient India. For not only did this age mark the composition of the holiest scriptures, the Vedas, and other sacred literature that laid the foundation of Indian culture and civilization, but the era was also exemplary in its rule of law and truthfulness. The regent was answerable to his subjects in matters involving the prestige of the state and society. The veracity of the facts lies in the undiminished reverence for the epic even after more than three millennia. Lord Ram was the ‘Adarsh Purush’ of the Ramayana – an ideal in every fact of human behavior. His fourteen year of exile impressed the human mind more vitally than other period of his life. Because he had roved the wilderness, giving up his just heritage, merely to preserve the honor of his father’s word. Apart from this Ayodhya had a special place in  Indian history as well. So from religious and historical point of view Ayodhya also enjoys eminent place.